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Peak eBikes is presently open for workshop and sales.

Please phone or email us on to arrange demo rides.

Electric Bike Hire/Demo

Making the right choice of electric bike is very important. You wouldn’t be expected to buy a car without a test drive and it’s the same for electric bikes.

We have a large range of demo bikes covering all the electric drive systems that we offer so you can get a feel for which system you prefer and suits your needs.

There is a large car park with a couple of inclines, on site where you can have a test ride. Alternatively, you can hire a demo bike for half or a full day to really get to know it’s the right eBike for you. If after hiring you decide to purchase, the hire fee will of course be deducted from the sale price.

Half Day Hire £30 Full Day £50

Please contact us for further details and booking.

Please note that the eBikes in our Monsal Trail centre hire fleet are not part of the Peak eBikes demo fleet. They are last year’s models and for leisure hire only. However, they might just tempt you to take a closer look at the eBike revolution!

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Peak eBikes

Peak eBikes
Monsal Trail Cycle Hire
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Nr Bakewell
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