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Open Daily 10am - 3pm

By Appointment Only

Peak eBikes is presently open 10-3 daily for workshop and sales, by appointment only.

Please phone or email us on to arrange demo rides.

eBike Servicing

Trust The Experts

Bosch ebike specialist
Yamaha ebike specialist
Shimano Steps ebike specialist
Gocycle Steps ebike specialist

The New Gocycle GXIAt Peak eBikes.


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BatriBikes: The Best Of Danish DesignIn-store At Peak eBikes, NOW!

2020 Haibike eBikesIn-store At Peak eBikes, NOW!

Babboe Electric Cargo BikesIn-store At Peak eBikes, NOW!

WorkshopNot just ebikes!

eBike HireMonsal Trail Bike Hire

Babboe Baby Seat Luxury

Babboe Baby Seat Luxury


Babboe Big Rain Cover

Babboe Big Rain Cover


Babboe Big Rain Tent

Babboe Big Rain Tent


Babboe Big Sunroof

Babboe Big Sunroof


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Peak eBikes

Peak eBikes
Monsal Trail Cycle Hire
Hassop Station
Nr Bakewell
DE45 1NW

Tel 01629 810588


Opening Times

Monday 9-5
Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 9-5

Inspired by the Peaks.
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